How To Get Launch Token Before CEX Listing

Before investing in crypto, one thing we must always remember is high risk. As stated dan hollings, managing finances is very important so as not to make you confused and regret it later. Currently, we can see a lot of tokens released on various CEXs. Not without reason, every individual does not want to miss this momentum to develop their ideas. On various exchange platforms, we can find tens to hundreds of tokens released every day with various market caps.

You may be wondering where the market caps for these projects come from. Some investors follow channel calls on Telegram, Reddit, or even Facebook. From there, they get the fastest and even direct information from the project owner. That’s where the market cap we get on the exchange comes from. Initially, each token is released with varying initial market caps, and even from $0. The performance of the team on the project greatly affects whether the token can get a higher value in the future (pump) or even lose (dump). For investors this is a very high risk, it is possible if the project owner can deceive them and withdraw all the liquidity pool from the exchange (rug pull). The community also can’t do anything if it turns out that their money is ‘stolen’ by the developers and project owners.

Investors should join a trusted call channel for a long period. Also, make sure they are organic and not just bots. Check out every review from their team of analysts and remember DYOR. Never blame the call channel if you choose the wrong project and lose money. All authority is controlled by you. They only convey their opinion and analysis.

For projects on a large scale and have very good ideas for the future, you may want to ask their opinion and discuss it so you don’t make the wrong decision. So, don’t forget to always take care of your finances and don’t go all-in on a suspicious project.

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