Understanding What is Bitcoin

In recent times, Bitcoin mining has become a popular activity along with the huge profits that can be made. There are various methods of Bitcoin mining that you need to know. Bitcoin which is part of cryptocurrency is not new. However, there are still many who do not understand the concept of “digital currency”. However, owning Bitcoin is not easy. In fact, to be able to buy it, you need to spend quite a bit. With these characteristics and the trend of Bitcoin price which has tended to rise in recent years, it is not uncommon for many to make it an investment asset. In order to know more about mining, you can see Daisy Ai review.

There is another way to get Bitcoin, namely through the mining process. If you imagine you will be using a mining helmet, headlight, and hoe to mine in a cave, you are wrong. Then what is the real way to mine Bitcoin? So that you are not even more curious, here is our explanation of how to mine bitcoin for you!

Bitcoin is a digital program or phenomenon in which the entire transaction process is done digitally. The advantage of Bitcoin that makes it popular with the public is its security. By using blockchain technology, various Bitcoin transactions will be recorded securely and difficult to manipulate. The main thing that makes Bitcoin transactions difficult to manipulate is because each Bitcoin transaction will be recorded with a certain code. The Bitcoin network is secured by special computer units called miners or miners scattered throughout the world.

When you make a transaction, these miners need to check that you have the Bitcoin needed to send it and also check that various rules are followed. Transactions that take place are grouped together in a block containing a series of characters. The characters in this block are referred to as “hashes”. The miners need to check the hash sequence in the block. This is so that there are no multiple transactions of one type of Bitcoin. Since this process is quite complex and requires sophisticated equipment, any miner who succeeds in doing this will be rewarded. Because the price of Bitcoin is getting higher every day, the rewards a miner gets by the way they do mining are also getting higher.

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