Sell A House By Owner and Save Ton Of Money

If you can learn how to sell your house by owner, you can save a lot of money! These days it’s a buyers market, and your home value is so low you can hardly afford to pay a Realtor a 7% commission and still come out with any equity. But there are a few tricks and tips you’ll need to know to help you sell your house by owner. This article will cover a few of the ways you can sell your house yourself and do it quickly.

First you need to determine a fair market value for your home. Find homes similar to yours in square footage, style, and amenities. These should be homes that are either currently listed or have recently been sold. A good online source to check comparables is how to sell a house by owner in Texas. Just type in your address and the program will show you homes for sale and homes sold in your neighborhood. You can also drive or walk around your neighborhood and note any homes currently for sale. Either take the free flyers or write down the asking price and details. Try to find some as similar to your house as possible. Keep in mind that the asking price is going to be about 5-10% higher than the amount you can expect to actually sell it for.

Next you need to spruce up your home a little. Do those little repairs you’ve been putting off; freshen up the paint, especially exterior paint on the front of the house; add some shutters to your front windows; keep the lawn trimmed; add a few new plants in the front of your house; tidy up the place by moving unnecessary junk from the yard. On the inside do a little staging. Don’t go out and buy all new furniture, just remove extra furniture, knickknacks, toys, and any unnecessary clutter.

Anyone can learn the secrets of how to sell your house by owner and save thousands in commissions! Selling your own home isn’t rocket science. You just need a little education on how the process works, some simple steps, and a few tools. You’ll sell your home before you know it and pocket thousands of extra dollars! To discover the other steps to quickly and easily selling your home, click the link below. — how to sell a house by owner in Texas

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