This Is How To Fishing On A Reef

Sea fishing also does not always have to go to the middle of the sea, but can be on the coast and also on the reef. Among the other two options, the most promising is the fishing option on the reef. Moreover, around the reef is the area where fish live. Fishing on the reef must not be haphazard because there are rules. Moreover, there are fishing tips and tricks on the reef so that fishing activities are more structured. Additionally, you can also visit our website if you need the best rod for catching trouts.

Fishing on a reef or commonly called rock fishing is a fishing activity carried out on a coral cliff. This is very fun to do because besides fishing can also be hiking when you want to go to the fishing spot because usually the path to go to the top is very steep.

The following are tips and tricks on fishing on a reef:

Pay attention to fishing time

Anglers may fish whenever they like. However, if the aim is to find a lot of fish, it can be done by estimating the time when the fish are hungry and are actively active. For example, fish in the sea will be easily caught at night around 1 o’clock because at that time the fish are starting to hunt for food.

Choose a safe location

One of the most important things, when you want to fish at sea, is safety. Similarly, when you want to fish on the reef. Look for a fishing spot that is widely used by other anglers to anticipate accidents such as landslides on the reef.

Be aware of the waves

Another thing to note when fishing on a reef is the waves. In addition to finding a safe location, I also look for corals that are more than 5 meters high. If there is nothing more than that then try not to stay too far away from the waves because we will not know when big waves will come.

Wear safe shoes

This is intended so that it is not easy to slip when on the reef because disaster can never be predicted.

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