2 Ways How To Get Rid of Scalp Buildup!

2 Ways How To Get Rid of Scalp Buildup!

As long as the condition is not severe, below are several effective ways how to get rid of scalp buildup of dandruff that you can try at home yourself.

1. Aloe vera

Launching Healthline, aloe vera or aloe vera is considered quite effective in dealing with dandruff problems.
According to research results, the antibacterial and antifungal properties of aloe vera are useful in eradicating fungi and bacteria that cause hair dandruff.

2. Coconut oil

Besides being able to help moisturize the body’s skin, a dry scalp causes dandruff and can also be treated with coconut oil.
Research shows that coconut oil can help treat eczema, especially for dry scalp conditions that can cause dandruff.
Besides being able to hydrate the scalp, other studies claim that the active compounds in coconut oil are antimicrobial.

However, if dandruff gets crusty, causes oily hair, falls out, and causes intense itching, then extra care is needed.

In general, two types of dandruff are often experienced, namely dry dandruff and wet dandruff. Both have different characteristics and causes.

Dry dandruff is small and white. Usually, these dry dandruff flakes fall out easily and fall on the hair shaft or the shoulders.
This dry dandruff sometimes feels itchy and appears on a very dry scalp.

While wet dandruff usually has flakes that are large, yellowish in color, oily, and stick to the scalp and hair.

Reporting to the Mayoclinic page, the following are the factors that cause dandruff to appear on the scalp:

– Dry scalp.
– Irritated and greasy scalp.
– Lack of attention to hair hygiene, aka rarely washing your hair.
– Contact dermatitis is so sensitive to hair care products.
– Use of shampoo that does not suit the needs of the hair.
– Residue of shampoo or conditioner that is still attached to the scalp.
– Growth of Malassezia mushroom.
– Other skin conditions, such as suffering from psoriasis and eczema.
– Suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

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