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You Must Know This Before Sending Living Fish By Hiring Logistics Services

You Must Know This Before Sending Living Fish By Hiring Logistics Services

Fish production is seasonal, especially sea fish. Thus, at one-time fish production was very abundant, while at other times it was very low. It is not surprising that at the time when production was very abundant, many fish were not utilized so they became rotten. This decay process will result in decreased quality and price of fish. This is very detrimental for fishermen or entrepreneurs working in the fishing business world. On the other hand, if you need to hire a trustworthy logistics company, you can call some of the best logistics companies Sydney.

In order to prevent the decay process, it is necessary to develop fast and careful handling methods so that most of the fish produced can be utilized. In this case, we will explain the handling of live fish and the handling of fresh fish, such as:

Handling of live fish

Almost all types of freshwater fish, both ornamental and consumption, are more expensive when sold alive. Therefore, if you want to get a good price, you need the right handling of live fish.

In handling live fish, the most important thing
is a way to get the fish to
consumers are still alive, fresh and healthy. For this reason, a transportation system is needed that can guarantee fish are in accordance with consumer demand.

Handling of fresh fish

Lately, Japanese demand for fresh fish has increased, especially for tuna with white flesh. These fish species on the Japanese market sell well because they are often used for sashimi or eaten raw. The price of sashimi is far more expensive than canned fish. To meet Japan’s increasing demand, fresh fish handling is needed, starting from catching fish to consumers.

Handling of fresh fish or handling terms is one important part in the fishing industry chain. Good or bad fresh fish will affect the quality of fish as food or as raw material for further processing.

The purpose of handling is to make the freshness of fish after being captured can be maintained as long as possible. In addition, it aims to maintain fish production after arriving