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You Can Try These 5 Tips To Wear Hijab Comfortably

You Can Try These 5 Tips To Wear Hijab Comfortably

Wearing the hijab is an obligation for a Muslim woman to be more awake and protected. In the hijab, comfort is important so that the woman can undergo her activities smoothly, especially when entering the summer, the hijab can feel hot if you are not wearing it smartly. Additionally, if you’re looking for excellent hijabs and abayas, you can go to the best muslimah clothing wholesale store.

For this reason, here are 5 tips on hijab that you can do so that they are not hot and stay comfortable while on the move.

1. Choose a hijab that is comfortable to wear

At present, there are many choices of hijab that you can use. You can buy or make it yourself. The choice of hijab greatly influences Muslim comfort in a dress.

Look for hijab that can absorb sweat, such as cotton or t-shirts. This fabric has a fairly tenuous fiber that is able to absorb air and not make it hot.

2. Adjust the hijab with the activities that you will do

Be smart to choose the hijab model according to your activity needs. When attending a formal event, match the clothes you wear. As for outdoor activities that tend to require a lot of motion, wear a hijab model that is simpler, easier to remove and then use again.

3. Wear hijab when your hair is dry

If your hair is wet, wait a while to dry before wearing the hijab. Wearing the hijab in wet hair will feel uncomfortable, making your hair limp and cause headaches. Use a hairdryer if you want to use it immediately.

4. Tie your hair when wearing hijab

Don’t forget to tie your hair before wearing the hijab. Leaving your hair down while wearing the hijab will make your head feel hot. Your hair will become messy and easily come out. This causes you not comfortable wearing hijab when carrying out daily activities.

5. Look for a hijab model that is simple and not complicated

The hijab model also influences Muslim comfort in activities. If there is no special event, choose a hijab model that is simple and easy to use. Hijab directly used or a rectangular model suitable for daily activities. Do not forget to also adjust the comfort of the clothes you wear.