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White vinegar, pepper, and tea can beat the rats

White vinegar, pepper, and tea can beat the rats

White vinegar can certainly be easily found in the kitchen. The smell of mice is very sensitive and of course the smell of vinegar that is stinging will interfere with the sense of smell. Aside from that, perhaps you need to go to and find guides for trapping pests.

If you want to use this method, you must prepare:

White vinegar.
Cotton ball.
Rubber gloves.

You need to get it first:

How to get rid of mice using white vinegar is quite complicated.

Here’s how:

Clean the floor or area that is often passed by mice.
Mop the floor surface using clean water.
Spread cotton balls with white vinegar (protect hands with gloves).

Save the cotton ball that has been covered with vinegar in the rat’s nest.

If the cotton ball has begun to dry out, coat it again with white vinegar.

You can do this method many times until the mouse is truly felt to have run away from home.

Never underestimate this:

Always use gloves when pouring vinegar on a cotton ball!

The acid content in vinegar can endanger your hands.

In addition, Pepper or Black Pepper Powder Is Highly Hated By Mice! We try again using kitchen spices, let’s!

This time we will use pepper or black pepper powder. Let alone mice, your sense of smell will also be disturbed if you inhale pepper powder.

Try to imagine …

Mice that have a more sensitive sense of smell will certainly run away. This kitchen spice has a spicy flavor and flavor. This is certainly not liked by rats. The texture is very small, making the way to use it is also very easy.

You only need:

Sprinkle pepper powder in the corners of the house.


The mice in the house will run away and don’t dare to come back.

Finally, use used tea bags as an effective way to get rid of mice

Instead of being thrown away, it’s better to use your teabag bag to get rid of mice at home. Why can tea bags be used to repel mice?


The presence of peppermint in the tea bag can irritate the rat’s nose. Of course, this will make the sense of smell of the mouse become very disturbed.