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What to Pay Attention Before You Redesign Your Website

What to Pay Attention Before You Redesign Your Website

Of course, there are many reasons why you want to redesign the website. Before you actually do it, it’s important to equip it with a number of strategies, and not replace it just for “appearance” reasons, determine the right context. Before you spend a lot of time and money to redesign websites that are not in accordance with business objectives, try to look at the following checklists although you mean to work with Web Design Agency Penang.

Do you get the desired results from the website?
Pay attention to what you already have on the website and analyze the performance of the website to get the results you want to achieve from the business. Does it provide good traffic and expectations? Okay, but does the traffic really drive sales, create a community of fans, and bridge relationships with consumers well? Have you ever audited websites with professional experts to look at these factors in depth in all areas of the website? This first point should be the first to-do-list that you must do to start it all.

Can your website be accessed through various types of screens right now?
Only in the past few years, our world has experienced a giant change in the internet. People are just beginning to flock to surf in cyberspace, searching for goods and services online reaching far greater numbers than ever. The use of mobile devices is increasing rapidly, more users use their smartphones or tablets than desktop computers. But apparently, there are still many websites that have not designed websites into the mobile version to date. Even though responsive design is very important.

What is the content strategy on the website?
Don’t think designing website content is just about uploading product photos along with explanatory information plus just some cool graphics, potential customers need more than that. Consumers want content that is relevant, useful, interesting that is easily accessible and makes their lives easier, knows more and certainly can establish a close relationship with you as a representation of the brand. Instead of just posting a few pages about product details, you should also show how the product can benefit them.