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What is Backlink? Is Backlinks Important For SEO?

What is Backlink? Is Backlinks Important For SEO?

Making sure the URL length on each page is not more than 74 characters is the thing to do with SEO. Especially if you use CMS like Open Cart which besides not Google Friendly, also have URL which is too long. And the URL length in question includes the HTTP character, dot, hoop line, and other characters. For those of you who want to do SEO on the website you have but you do not know how you can visit the website of Miami SEO Services.

Questions that fit the title is a common thing to ask for people who do not understand SEO, yes Backlink according to SEO services, internet marketing may no longer be foreign to this term, but this article is in the allotment for anyone who wants to learn and know the various term that exists in SEO, one of them is backlink. A backlink is a link that is embedded in various other websites and directs it to your website or another website that is in the optimization. The functions and benefits of backlinks are very important to increase the level of your website on the search engines and also can increase the popularity of your website as well as increase PageRank.

Backlinks are divided into 2 categories:

1. One Way Backlink
One way backlink is a one-way backlink, where only you who embed a link to websites that can be planted in your website URL without having to include backlinks back to the website. Examples of one way backlink techniques that can be planted one-way backlinks are:

– Blog Comment. You can include your website URL on any blog comment something with the anchor text that you will be optimizing

– Signature Forum. some forums have a signature that will be installed every time you post, this can be used to get a 1-way backlink for your website.

– Social Bookmark. Social bookmarking is a website where you can Submit your website to the website and make it “Bookmark”. Usually, if there are people who bookmark in the browser you can now bookmark on a particular website

2. Reciprocal Backlink
Examples of reciprocal links or 2-way backlinks that you can get are:

– Directory Submit. Directory submit is a website where the website classifies various websites in certain categories and put the URL website submitted into the category. But usually a lot of website directories that require are reciprocal links, so you have to install banners, links, and so on your website.

– Link exchange. Well, this is usually done by bloggers in various bloggers community, they mostly do offer link exchange, which is none other than the goal to get backlinks.