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Vocal And Motions Must Be Understood By Theatrical Artists

Vocal And Motions Must Be Understood By Theatrical Artists

After we have practiced vocal and motion separately, we now try to combine vocals and motions. Many forms of exercise that can be done, including saying long sentences while running, jumping, squatting, rolling, or can also rotate the head, spinning the body, and so on. This exercise is very useful for us when acting. The goal is that our vocals and movements are always compatible so that our movements do not have too much influence on the vocals. If you want to play some children’s plays with your student, we recommend you to teach them about vocals motions beforehand.

A normal human being is blessed with God with five senses as a whole. In everyday life, we always use our five senses, both together or individually. In theater, we also have to use our senses well in order to play a role correctly.

The forms of exercise that can be done include:


Sitting cross-legged while staring at a spot on the wall. Concentrate only at that point. Try to stare at that point without blinking, as long as possible.


Sitting cross-legged, close your eyes. Meanwhile, someone taps something on several types of objects, where each object has a different tone/sound. Count the number of times knock on the object that has been determined. Sit on the edge of a busy road, closing your eyes. Try to recognize any sound that enters the ear.


Sit on the edge of the road while closing your eyes, then try to recognize what smells are around us. For example the smell of the sweat of people passing in front of us, the smell of perfume, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, or freshly soaked soil, etc. Kiss your hands, feet, clothes, and if you can, your whole body, feel and experience is really how it smells.


Touch our hands, feet, head and the whole body, also our clothes. Feel and recognize our bodies, find the differences between each body. Touch walls, floors, tables or other objects. Pay attention to how it feels, cold or hot.


Touch with the tongue how the shape of our mouth, how the shape of the teeth, palate, lips, and so on. Feel it by licking, how does it feel from a shirt button, handkerchief, pencil rod, sweaty hands, etc.