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Video Mapping Technology Changes The Visual Perception On Architecture

Video Mapping Technology Changes The Visual Perception On Architecture

Video mapping projection is a technique for projecting videos on a flat surface. The flat surface which is the projection area of this video mapping is usually in the form of walls, screens, structures, building facades, and other three-dimensional objects. This Video or Projection mapping combines art, technology, and also geometric elements in the manufacturing process.

The key word of this video mapping is projection, which is a transformation from one form to another. In the context of the video mapping projected is the scene on the video. When an artist wants to make video mapping becomes more interesting and real, 3D projection technology is applied to bring out the illusion of depth.

The feeling of depth and distance that appears in the projection is the result of changing visual perception using the game of light and shadow. In fact, it is not uncommon for video makers to use artificial light and shadow sources to get optical effects and illusions that are in line with their expectations.

The projected object can be in the form of motion graphics or 3D animations consisting of fields in the form of geometric, line, or space. The projector then transforms these inputs into more exploratory and interesting ones, such as bending, rotating, and highlighting which make the projected object the focal point observed by the audience.

In short, the process that occurs in the video mapping projection is as follows:


It can be said that optical illusions which then change our perception of form and perspective also influence our perception of a building as an architectural work. Building facades that tend to be flat and monotonous become more alive with the help of this video projection technology.

Furthermore, thanks to this sophisticated visual technology, the buildings with various shapes now can be turned into a media for art and advertisement. Thus, opening new opportunities for artists, companies, and entrepreneurs.