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Use Your AC Wisely Based on the Needs

Use Your AC Wisely Based on the Needs

Even if you often hiring aircon servicing service for taking regular maintenance, it would be better to know how to use the AC properly to save on electricity usage and to ensure that your existing home system cooling can last as long as you expect. Why don’t you try to follow these tips or get the tips from the air conditioning service singapore technician after he works for your AC unit?

1. Make sure all vents, windows, and doors are closed so that air from outside does not enter. You can close the window or the ventilation slit with a curtain or glass filter.

2. If AC is not used for a relatively long time, unplug the power outlet to avoid electric shock.

3. To improve the air quality of the room, hang the deodorizer on the air conditioner. Make sure the fragrance you choose does not have a sharp smell that can interfere with breathing.

4. Maximize the timer function on AC. This is useful to save electricity and make AC and its components more durable.

5. Choose AC with cluster technology or ionizer that serves to neutralize air in the room from pollution and exposure to a pathogenic virus.

6. Ensure the utility voltage does not drop/fall. If this is the case, it is advisable to use a stabilizer.

7. Make sure the air cover on the outdoor unit is not blocked so that the air sucker is not disturbed and the compressor can work optimally.

8. Check the difference or distance between indoor and outdoor units. Ideal pipeline length is 5m. If it is too long, the AC capacity will decrease.

9. More careful in choosing the size and model of air conditioning as needed and spacious room.

10. Keep the electrical wiring for the AC not combined or in parallel with other electronic equipment. This causes the power cord to become hot to the touch so that it can increase the risk of fire.