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Two Important Nutrition It Turns Powerful to Eradicate Acne

Two Important Nutrition It Turns Powerful to Eradicate Acne

Many ways to get rid of acne, from doctor’s medicine to home treatment or you can also visit our website and see cyst popping videos. But not infrequently your daily diet is also one of the important factors in the treatment of acne. Although the relationship between diet and acne cases is uncertain, there have been many medical studies that address the effects of certain nutritional intake on acne growth. Health experts believe that the intake of vitamin A and omega 3 from daily food can help your acne problem. Here’s the explanation.

Vitamin A is one of the most easily obtainable vitamins from both meat and vegetables. Vitamin A is found in carrot, lettuce, broccoli, vegetables and other vegetables. In addition, vitamin A can be found in fish and liver meat. But because vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, it is advisable to consume vitamin A with fat in order to be absorbed by the body more optimally.

Vitamin A has an important influence on the health of a person’s skin. Vitamin A facial cream (retinol) itself is known for its efficacy to maintain skin elasticity and get rid of acne. One example is isotretinoin which is a derivative of vitamin A. Isotretinoin works to reduce the production of natural oils of the face (sebum). Therefore the consumption of vitamin A is considered to have a role to control acne. Vitamin A also has an anti-proliferative effect on the skin, which inhibits the buildup of horn cells that can be a factor in the emergence of acne. Conversely, vitamin A deficiency can actually cause dry skin.

Omega 3 itself is a fatty acid that contains various functions for the work of the body, one of them in regulating inflammation. Lack of this fatty acid can cause dry skin, itching, and scaly. In addition to its function to reduce inflammation that plays a role in stop acne, omega 3 also has a function to facilitate blood circulation and heart health. Omega 3 can be obtained from fish and seafood or other seafood. Even today omega 3 can be obtained easily from various fish oil supplements on the market.