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Try to Play Arung Jeram

Try to Play Arung Jeram

Arung jeram is a water sport that has become the most popular water sport. This water sport is fun yet so terrifying. For those who don’t like an extreme sport, you may try arung jeram in Dufan. Some people said that arung jeram dufan is just a replica of the real arung jeram. Arung jeram dufan is just made for fun and not for sport.

For the one who loves the extreme sport so much, you may try arung jeram in these areas. First, there is Batang Tarusan River. Batang Tarusan River is in West Sumatera. For those who can’t swim, or the first timer and want to play arung jeram, you may try this river. Because this river is in grade 2 until 3. But it is only in summer. In the rainy season, this river become in grade 4. The journey in this river takes 2 to 3 hours.

Next, we have a river in Jambi, Manau River. Manau River is located in Jambi. This river is very interesting because the routes are across hills and valleys. The field they have is also steep and winding. Manau River’s routes make the journey more interesting.
Next river comes from South Sumatera. This river is called Manna River. This river is splitting two provinces. Manna River also has some small river or also known as the tributary. But some people usually play arung jeram at the one that located in Tanjung Sakti Village in the Bukit Barisan. They usually play there because that river is in grade 4.

Last, there is a river that located in West Java. This river is called Citarik River. Citarik River is located in Gunung Halimun National Park. This river has become the most favorite place to do arung jeram. Because this river can be played for the first timer until the one is professionals.