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Tools and tricks to get high-quality backlinks

Tools and tricks to get high-quality backlinks

Content is a product that we sell to consumers, the form can be text, images or video. However, all of those back to the purpose of building a website or blog, whether just a place to vent, a poetry or used as a business land on the internet. Departing from the goal before we can measure and plan what kind of content that potentially bring backlinks from readers. Therefore, people tend to also hire the licensed and recommended SEO Agency if they want to get the best backlinks for their website.

Some important things to do when you want to build potentially viral content;

1. Forget Keyword Density (Keyword density)

The use of repetitive keywords without regard to meaning and the impact of writing will make visitors become bored. And when visitors have come, that’s where our opportunity to improve visitor’s ‘direct visit’, instead of just relying on the search visit and referral visit. The key, use the appropriate keywords.

2. Use Relevant and Synonymous Keywords

As an online writer, I’m sure at least you’ve heard what an LSI / Latent Semantic Index is. You can use it as a word variety so that writing does not seem bland, but still can be maximally in the eyes of Google. And the ingredients of incorporating LSI as a variation of the word actually make the content more relevant.

Before building any article there are some parameters that we can check before or after writing;

Original content – Content that plays new ideas and even produces new angles.
AVG Time On Page – Quantitatively, the indicator could be the length of the visitor reading
Topics should be recommended or tested. To test and research the topic we can take advantage of Buzzsumo.

Provide Asset Links and Tools

For online merchants, you may have used or heard the “Widget” and “embed code” features that can be posted in forums. Its existence serves as a linked asset.

Link Asset This function allows readers to spread/build links automatically. Our role is only to educate or provoke readers to build links for us.

Things that can be Link Asset;

Checklist, workbook, action list
Ezine or eBook
Interesting photos
Infographics, audio, and video
Data displayed with charts or charts