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This Is How To Clean Your Acoustic Guitar

This Is How To Clean Your Acoustic Guitar

If you are one of those who like to play the guitar and have the instrument, have you cleaned your guitar often enough? Get to know the tips to clean the acoustic guitar from us below so you can do the guitar cleaning yourself at home. Additionally, if you want to buy a new guitar, perhaps you must check out the DIY Guitar Kit.

Here are tips you can do:

Clean the guitar fretboard

For cleaning the fretboard, you can take used soft cloths, avoid fibrous fabrics such as towels because it can cause the fabric fibers to get on the fretboard. Clean the fretboard with eucalyptus oil or guitar cleaning fluid.

Clean the guitar body

Dirt that can stick to the body of the guitar is dust or oil from our hands. For cleaning the body of the guitar, you only need a cloth that has been moistened with water.

Clean tuning keys

Tuning keys are a useful part of tuning guitar sounds. Without tuning keys, you can’t test the sound quality of your favorite acoustic guitar. Just like when you clean the body guitar, you only need to use a clean cloth moistened with water to clean the tuning keys. However, you are some people who feel more comfortable when cleaning tuning keys with eucalyptus oil or baby oil. Not only that, but you can also clean this part with a glass cleaner.

Clean the Bridge

Discussing how to clean an acoustic guitar is definitely discussing a complete way and tips for cleaning all parts of your guitar. The bridge is a part that may be often forgotten. In fact, the guitar owner can clean the bridge with a cotton bud that has been moistened with water or special oil. If there is dirt found between the bridge, then you can clean the dirt with an old toothbrush.

Clean the strings

In order to clean the strings, use a special liquid that is formulated to clean the guitar strings. Spray special string cleaning fluid onto a clean cloth, then wipe the cloth over each string. You can also coat the strings with a cloth that has been given cleaning fluid, then pinch the strings. If you use the guitar intensively, clean the strings at least once a week.