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These Are Three Things From Customer Service That Customers Like

These Are Three Things From Customer Service That Customers Like

A company definitely needs customer service to build good relationships and communication with customers. This is because they can inform their products with customer service, or customers can provide complaints or questions about the products or services of your company. If you want to use 1300 numbers, then you also need to know 1300 number costs so you can get them and customers can contact you easily.

However, to provide the best service, you must also pay attention to the quality and attitude of the customer service in your company. There are several things that customers like from a customer service.

1. Become a good listener
Give customers full attention by listening carefully so that they feel valued. Remember not to interrupt when they are talking, because what they say needs to be expressed in full – not necessarily what you understand is in accordance with the customer’s intent. Besides that, focus your attention, because in the customer’s position, of course, you don’t want to repeat the conversation repeatedly, right?

2. Understand the intent, be proactive
After listening, this is your moment to determine whether the customer is confused, upset or dissatisfied, then follows up on the issue. Repeat the core of the conversation or problem if one is unclear, give the answers needed by the customer, and continue to proactively look for alternatives to the solutions you offer them.
For example, if you are a beauty product reseller facing customers who want to find a particular cosmetic tool but are confused about which brand to choose, you can offer various options that suit their needs – or help choose based on personal experience or positive reviews that you have previously heard from customers other.

3. Show high spirits
In the end, customer service is something that must be done with high motivation and enthusiasm. We need to emphasize once again that customer service holds one of the crucial roles in doing business as maintaining relationships between stores and customers. Therefore, take various initiatives to always give “more” to customers.