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These Are The Two Factors That Affect The Role Of A Religion

These Are The Two Factors That Affect The Role Of A Religion

Some nations become accustomed to living side by side and in harmony even though the people are culturally different. this condition should be a pride and a good example for other nations which until now are still fighting only because of religious differences miracle healing prayers . logically their dispute is meaningless, because the nation which continues to fight only because of religious differences, is actually far behind the tolerant developed countries. Meanwhile, you may want to see for yourself the prayer request service if you’re a Christian who can’t pray well.

Here are two factors that influence the role of religion:

1. Integrity factor

Religious differences to unite the common bonds within members of the community and to carry out obligations that have been regulated by the state under the laws that apply to all religions in some nations with high tolerance. this can lead to a stronger sense of unity and unity in the land because religion can be the strongest unifying force of any sharp weapon.

Unity is formed from differences that manifest mutual respect, respect and love for each other can easily undermine threats from other nations or eliminate pressure from neighboring countries for their own sake. A great nation is a nation that can unite in diversity and live in harmony without harming each other.

2. Disintegrative factors

The function of religion can indeed unite differences and increase the sense of nationalism towards the homeland. But religion can or does have the potential to destroy the existence of a circle of society, to break down unity and to destroy nationalism towards the nation and state. It can happen if one religion appears as the most correct, cruel and want to be in existence, feeling the teachings of other religions are bad and tend to blame the existence of other religions.

The condition of disintegrative factors should not apply in any country, because the harmony between religious groups is very important so that there is no unnecessary conflict and war. religious functions should be carried out for the moral advancement of all human beings so that they are always in a condition that should and does not conflict with the norms that exist in the community.