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These are the Three Causes of Clogged Toilet

These are the Three Causes of Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are indeed a problem for many people. Many people feel disturbed by clogged toilets. So, the thing you have to do is use the right plumber service. There are lots of plumber services that you can choose from and you can adjust to your needs. You also have to learn more about that here so you can make the right choices.

The number of plumber services that you can choose you to have to adjust to the needs and disruptions of what you are feeling in your toilet. Actually, there are several reasons why toilets are often clogged. Some of the causes that you should know are

1. Use
it is true that the use of toilet can cause the toilet to become clogged, it can be said that almost all the problems in the toilet are caused by usage, the use of the toilet has become a normal thing because it should be
The use of toilets produces waste, this waste becomes the blockage that stops the flow of toilet water to the septic tank, in this channel the stool can settle or stick to the walls of the channel with a relatively long period of time, monthly or weekly depending on usage the more we use the toilet will make it easier for the toilet to clog

2. Blockage in the neck or pipe body
The clogging of the toilet can also be caused by a blockage in the neck or canal from the toilet to the septic tank. blockages can be plastic, moss, sludge that hardens over a long period of time.
Now, this condition is what happens in the toilet of the house.

3. Toilet exceeds capacity
if the volume of fecal sludge in the first room is full, it is certain that the toilet will be blocked. the water we pour into the closet will flow more slowly, but the stool will not sink from the toilet.
If the problem is like this, then inevitably the septic tank must be drained.