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These Are The Effective Ways To Eradicate Termites

These Are The Effective Ways To Eradicate Termites

Many people are asking why the insect which is commonly called the white ant is why it can damage the contents of the property that we have? The answer is one because termites are living things that will survive and eat the cellulose substance that is in wood, cardboard, paper. Therefore not far from the main target of termites is a kitchen set, warehouse, and parquet floor. Aside from that, if you need experts to check out termites infestations in your house, you can call the best termite inspection columbia sc.

You may try the following tips from us in order to control termite pests effectively, efficiently, and thoroughly:

Exterminate Using Insecticide Medication Spray

This is the easiest and simplest way, you can use insecticides that are often used in the public because they are sold in the market.

Although it is actually used specifically for mosquitoes and cockroaches, the insecticide is poison, so that even termites will be destroyed if exposed to these poisons. The method used is to simply spray on parts that are in the termite path. Make sure the termites that are visible in the dead are really dead.

Exterminate Using Special Anti Termite Medicines

This is a better way than ordinary insecticides because this poison has been specially made to eradicate termites. Materials used include imidacloprid, fipronil, permethrin, and dichlorvos.

The method used is almost the same as an insecticide, but we have to spray it manually, not instant. You have to buy the spray first, such as bird/plant spray. Then mix the medicine with water in the sprayer. Then spray into the termite nesting place.

Exterminate Using Termite Bait

This is the most suitable method for those of you who love go-green and don’t want to touch or smell the chemical at all. Namely lured by bait or baiting. This bait is widely sold in the market. There are 2 types of termite bait, indoor bait, and outdoor bait. Indoor bait is used for indoors, outdoor bait is used for outdoors or the home page.