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These Are Some Of The Basic Rules To Survive In Prison

While in prison dress appropriately. Don’t use flashy clothes like expensive and branded clothes. It’s because if you look too rich (even though your family might not be rich), each prisoner will try to approach you and find ways to blackmail you and your family. Apart from that, if you don’t want to let your son or daughter stay in Jail for too long, then you can always hire the most trusted Espinoza Bail Bonds in Sacramento.

Then, do not eat/drink anything that is given to you that you do not know the origin of the food/drink. Not a few people die in prison because of illness after being poisoned by certain drugs that are put into coffee or tea. I have experienced this myself, it’s just that maybe at that time the dose of the drug that was mixed into the tea that I drank at that time was not so much that it only made me faint for 1 day.

Next, don’t trust the guard’s officer too much. There were not a few guards officers involved in direct collaboration with prisoners. So I suggest if there are guards officers who suddenly are good and look like they want to help you should just ignore it. Because goodness in prison has its own meaning. There is no free good in prison. There may be several, but it’s very difficult to find it.

Finally, you must build good relations with fellow prisoners. Money is everything in prison. When you don’t have money in prison, then your life will end indirectly. I myself do not deny the need for money in prison, one of them if I want to drink decent water I have to buy it. If not, I have to drink tap water mixed with waste. The solution to being able to survive if you don’t have money, then you have to build relationships by looking diligent and good in front of other prisoners. Like diligently cleaning the toilet, washing other prisoners’ food places and washing their clothes. If you often do this, then some prisoners will respect you and often want to share their drinking water and food with you.