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These activities can make your brain smarter

These activities can make your brain smarter

How to improve other brain intelligence is by exercising the brain. Brain exercise can be done by moving your body while learning something. This brain exercise is a simple sport. This brain exercise has been developed by education specialists for 25 years. Paul Dennison. By exercising the brain many benefits that are gained are helping in terms of understanding, concentration, thinking in the abstract, memory, mental fatigue, the ability to complete tasks and physical balance and coordination. By exercising the brain, the right brain and our left brain will work in balance. The majority of people think with a lot involving the left brain. So there is no brain balance between the right and left. Though the brain will work more effectively if used in a balanced manner. In the meantime, you may want to check out the brain supplement at as well.

Stay away from foods containing sugar

Foods that contain high levels of sugar can be quite bad for the body when it gets consumed, so do not eat too much food that contains lots of sugar. The sugar content in the food that is too high will make you feel lazy and easy to feel tired when you’re thinking, so it’s pretty bad for the nerves in your brain.

Exercise emotional intelligence (EI) well

Emotional intelligence also contributes to your success. Not only logical, mathematical, analytical, analytical, verbal and other intelligence, but emotional intelligence is an aspect that is no less important than any other intelligence mentioned. When a person can manipulate his emotional intelligence well then that person can learn the ability of meta scales that can enable you to utilize capabilities and talents possessed optimally.


Jogging is a sport that can be done with a cheap price and is a sport that is not heavy. Jogging can be an alternative for you in improving brain intelligence. According to an expert, jogging can prevent the risk of memory loss and can sharpen the intelligence of the brain. By doing jogging then your heart will work well and your body will sweat.

In addition, jogging can also process the mood in us so that it becomes good mood. A good mood will be very influential on our emotional intelligence that will ultimately affect the intelligence of our brains as a whole.