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The simple analysis for the profitable homestay business

The simple analysis for the profitable homestay business

Starting a homestay lodging business today can indeed bring big profits. However, unfortunately, there are still many business people who are hesitant to run this business. Apart from that, you may go to serangan pantai lombok
if you want to find properties or land lots for your lodging business in Lombok.

If you are still in doubt, let’s look at the step by step on how to analyze this homestay lodging business:

Lodging Business Opportunities Homestay

As previously stated, the homestay lodging business is indeed loved by travelers. Besides being an affordable alternative accommodation, also with a lifestyle shift towards hedonism.

The more attractive homestay accommodation can actually be a business opportunity to bring in extra money for those of you who have more space in a house or other property.

This business will also be looked at by various groups, ranging from young people to their children. A high market share makes risk less and this business is increasingly attractive.

Opportunities in this homestay lodging business can still be said to be very wide open considering the high number of travelers today.

Generally, homestay lodgings are smaller than hotels, but as long as the service is prioritized, kinship is shown, and the price is affordable You don’t need to be afraid of losing the competition.

How to Start a Lodging Business Homestay

Some easy steps in starting a homestay lodging business are as follows.

Determining Location

In business, location is one of the main factors that will affect your business development. Why?

Because the location is clearly visible, easily accessible, and has a high level of visitor traffic will affect the level of success of your business.

In addition, lodging that is strategic and close to shopping centers, culinary areas, and tourist locations is certainly an added value.

Manage Licensing

This stage is the most difficult, and the most time-consuming. But the bad news is that the second stage must be done.

Generally, you need permission from local residents to run a business (make sure the location is a legal location to open a business).

Then proceed with licensing from the licensing service and the local tourism office.

For further information, you can contact the nearest licensing service directly.