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The Best Way to Get Rid of Hot Air Without a Fan or an AC

The Best Way to Get Rid of Hot Air Without a Fan or an AC

In some conditions, fans and air conditioners can indeed be practical solutions, but imagine how the drastic changes that occur on the skin when you are in a super hot area then enter the cold room. The skin will become dry and health will be disrupted. In the meantime, you may call the aircon servicing singapore if your AC is broken and must be repaired quickly aircon servicing.

Then is there a way to cool the body this season?

Citing various sources, here are some ways to cool the body to avoid heat:

1. Avoid foods that make you get hotter

In the summer, avoid various foods that can make you get hotter, one of which is spicy food. You can still eat spicy, but not too spicy.

Not only is the food too spicy which should be avoided but also reduce the variety of foods that are too salty. Too salty foods will speed up the body to lose food and dehydrate the skin.

2. Reduce drinking ice

Cold drinks must be delicious to drink during hot air. But ice is one of the drinks that is prohibited when the body is hot.

When you have to keep your body cool, the most important thing is to keep digestion strong. Drinking ice when the body feels hot is like pouring cold water on ‘fire’ in the stomach. Digestion will be shocked and painful.

We recommend that you drink water at normal room temperature. This will help you hydrate the body and cool the body quickly.

3. Drink more water

When the temperature of the hot air is never lazy to drink water. Even though drinking water is recommended at least eight glasses per day, but it doesn’t hurt to drink far more.

This will help maintain normal body fluids and make the body avoid health problems when heat attacks.

4. Choose clothes that absorb sweat

In this season, choose clothes that have materials that absorb sweat like cotton. Also, choose thin and light ingredients.

5. Drink coconut water

Young coconut water is indeed one of the electrolytes or substitutes for body fluids. In addition, coconut water is also a word with minerals and vitamins that are important for reducing body heat.