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The best fishing games on Android

The best fishing games on Android

Many people have a hobby of fishing. Besides being challenging, this one hobby can exercise patience. As technology develops, fishing does not have to be done directly, by visiting fishing spots, rivers or lakes. It’s because many game developers are intentionally creating fishing games. With the aim of making it easier for everyone to channel their hobbies even though they don’t have much time in the real world. Understandably, fishing activities do require a lot of free time and a relatively calm atmosphere. Aside from that, perhaps you might want to check out the hacked android games download as well.

If you like fishing activities and are still busy with a variety of activities, there’s no harm in honing your fishing skills through the 5 best Android fishing games. Guaranteed, your days will be more colorful.


This game gives you the choice to determine which location will be used as a fishing spot. There are 8 lakes and rivers that you can choose from. Each has 28 different types of fish. The bait offered is very interesting, not just classic, but also modern tricks to climb trees.

4. Fishing Break

From 8 different places, there are hundreds of fish to be lured with different variations. This game requires the players to develop their potential and tactics comprehensively. Visually the graphics of this game are simple but very fun.

3. Let’s Fish: Sports Fishing Game

Let’s Fish has the most collection of places and fish numbers. Just imagine, the number of fish species reached 650 in 60 different locations. You will never get bored playing this game.

2. Fishing Hook

This game provides a visual appearance where you will be fishing on a private boat. There are many things to achieve such as ranking and number of fish. To accommodate the needs of players from all over the world, 16 different languages are provided.

1. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Because catching fish is not an easy thing and can be done at any time, tactics are needed to get a high score on worldwide rankings. Not only hunting fish, but you can also compare scores with all players around the world.