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Tattoo Ink May Cause Allergies

Tattoo Ink May Cause Allergies

Tattoo ink contains several chemicals and compounds. Well, most likely allergies come from chemicals contained in tattoo ink. Iron oxide, mercury sulfide, iron hydrate, aluminum, and manganese are some of the substances contained in ink. These allergies usually appear as ink enters your skin. Among the many colors, red tattoo ink is the most frequent factor of allergic reaction due to tattoo. However, of course, all colors can make you experience allergies. Meanwhile, check out the best tattoo removal denver whenever you decide to remove your tattoo for good.

Signs and symptoms when allergic to tattoo ink
Usually, signs of tattoo ink allergy bring up various symptoms such as:

Scales on the skin.
There are purple or red bumps around the tattoo.

Types of tattoo ink allergies

Tattoo allergies can appear in various forms, such as:

Acute inflammation allergy

People who experience acute inflammatory allergies will usually experience redness, swelling, and irritation in parts of the body that are tattooed. This irritation is usually caused by needles and ink. This condition is not too severe and will usually disappear in about two to three weeks.


Tattooed skin can also cause an allergic reaction if exposed to sunlight (also known as photosensitivity). Usually, this condition occurs when you use yellow and red ink. These two colors contain cadmium sulfide which can cause an allergic reaction when exposed to sunlight.


One of the most common types of tattoo allergies is dermatitis. Usually, this type of allergic reaction is caused by mercury sulfide found in red ink. This allergic reaction makes your skin look reddish, itchy and swollen.

Lichenoid allergic reactions

This one allergic reaction is actually quite rare. However, the main cause is usually red tattoo ink. Usually, this one allergy is characterized by the appearance of small bumps on the area of the skin tattooed with red ink.

Pseudolymphomatous allergic reactions

This one allergy is usually caused because the body is sensitive to certain substances in tattoo ink. Generally, allergic reactions do not appear immediately after you have been tattooed but require a longer time. Usually, the substances in red, blue and green ink are the most common triggers.