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Some of These Body Parts Will Give You Signs When You Are Vitamin Deficient

Some of These Body Parts Will Give You Signs When You Are Vitamin Deficient

Your body certainly needs various substances that can keep your body fresh and fit in carrying out all your work and activities. Two things that the body really needs are usually minerals and vitamins. To meet both, you can also take supplements that are right alongside a variety of nutritious foods. The right multivitamin supplements will make the body become fresher. One that you can consume is Amway Nutrilite Daily.

When you want to find out if your body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, then you don’t have to bother to go to the doctor, because usually, some parts of your body show these signs.

1. Hair
Dry and brittle hair indicates if the body is deficient in iron or protein. Whereas hair loss means that you lack vitamin D. You need to consume more milk or yogurt every day, salmon and tuna, red meat, spinach, and increase outdoor activities to get morning sun exposure.

2. Skin
When you feel your skin feels dry, it’s time for you to consume foods that contain vitamin K or take supplements that contain these minerals and vitamin K. That’s what your skin really needs.

3. Mouth
You often canker sores means you lack many vitamins including B12, folic acid, zinc, and iron. whereas if the angle of your mouth is broken, you need lots of vitamin B2. Expand consumption of meat, dairy products, nuts, green vegetables, and fruit. Don’t forget to maximize drinking water too.

4. Muscles and nerves
Wake up with muscle cramps in the legs or hands? It’s a sign that your body needs magnesium, calcium, zinc, and potassium. Twitching muscles may indicate a deficiency of calcium and magnesium. This means you need to consume more milk and yogurt, green vegetables like broccoli and spinach, tuna or salmon, and red meat.