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Simple Gift Ideas For People You Love

Simple Gift Ideas For People You Love

In a love relationship, one of the activities that are done is giving each other gifts. Every birthday or anniversary, the couple will certainly rack their brains in search of memorable gifts. To make a special birthday or anniversary moment, you don’t need expensive gifts. You might think of giving them custom music boxes, but many people have already done it. A simple but unique gift and a touch of your creativity will be more memorable.

1. Exploding Box
The exploding box is a box that if the lid is opened, then all four sides will fall and the decoration inside will be seen.
This gift can be bought. But if you make it yourself it will be more unique and your partner will be more impressed and more affectionate.

2. Memory Jar
A memory jar is one of the unique gifts that is easily made. The essence of this one prize is to capture the story or memories of you two. To make it, all you have to do is look for a transparent jar which is usually easy to find in a hardware store. Then fill the jar with items that have a story for both of you, such as a polaroid photo, a ticket to watch, or it could be your favorite small items.
3. Collage Wall

If you have a large collection of photographs with your partner, you can use them to create creative wall hangings in her room with your two photo collections. You only need to rack your brain a little to form a unique collage.

For people who are loved, usually will be arranged in the shape of a heart. But actually, it’s up to you guys, because in any form your partner will appreciate your efforts more than an expensive gift.

4. Sharpie Mug
Being creative with writing or drawing on glass media is known as the ‘sharpie mug’ technique. An interesting work that you can make by preparing plain ceramic mugs and permanent sharpie markers according to the color you want.

You need to remember, do not stare to make something complicated. If you make it yourself, even a simple drawing or writing will look special in the eyes of your partner.

Start by writing or drawing on the body of the mug with the marker you have chosen. Before you give it to your partner, don’t forget to put your work in the oven or microwave so the results are more durable.