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Search Engine Functions and Benefits for Business Development

Search Engine Functions and Benefits for Business Development

Search engines or search engines are programs that search for and identify information in a database that matches the keywords entered by the user. This database contains addresses and addresses of certain sites on the World Wide Web (WWW). So it’s clear, the function of a search engine is to search for information from a database, but is local seo expert just that simple?

These search engines are usually connected to the internet network and can be accessed by anyone who has internet access. Register and register various information about websites, databases, and so on. We will discuss the functions of search engines, and how the search engines work. In addition, in the end, as additional information will be reviewed related to examples of algorithms and search engines.

In short, the search engine function is to provide information based on keywords entered by the user. This function is in accordance with the workings of search engines, namely registering / indexing (or commonly known as crawling) sites on the internet.

Although not all active sites are in the search engine index, many website owners deliberately leave their sites indexed by search engines. The goal, if someone searches for sites on search engines, the website will appear in the search results. Interestingly, this will be one of the coolest product marketing techniques.

The first search engine function is to index the address and content of websites that are on the internet network. “Bots” or “Crawlers” on search engines surf the internet and register websites through their hyperlinked addresses.

After browsing, the data obtained is stored and generates a very large index list of websites. One of the biggest search engines in the world, Google, in 2017 alone has more than 130 trillion pages of websites. Not all pages of websites are recorded by search engines. In search results, only certain pages are displayed. Only website pages that are granted permission by site owners can be crawled.