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The Right Rule to Diet with Smoothies

The Right Rule to Diet with Smoothies

Women who feel overweight do various ways to make his body back slim. One of them is through an extreme decreased diet such as liquid diet or just eating food in liquid form without the solid intake.

This diet is not recommended because it can provide negative effects to the body even though the food is consumed vegetables and fruits. When a person just ‘eats’ the daily smoothies without combining it with solid foods can be malnourished until finally susceptible to disease.

If you want a diet with smoothies, then you should still combine it with a solid intake. Even now you can easily process fruits and vegetables into a healthy smoothie just by using the best smoothie maker. By doing a program to consume juice or smoothies to support the amount of food we should eat in one day that maybe that day cannot be fulfilled. So there is no name predicate, just enter something that makes it easier without replacing at all normal diet.

This means that juicy vegetables or fruits do not replace the main meal, which is a solid intake but only as a snack between lunch and dinner or before bedtime. A little different if you want to lose a lot of weight.

If you are doing weight loss then you need to reduce the portion of the meal. Then replace vegetables or fruit in the main meal between day and night, choose one at no time to eat both to avoid excessive calorie reduction. Why should it be day or night instead of breakfast?

You are not advised to change the main menu at breakfast because according to a woman who has become a dietitian more than 20 years, the intake of the morning is important to generate energy in the body.