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Reasons That Caring For Coral Reefs Is Important

Reasons That Caring For Coral Reefs Is Important

Coral reefs are the most complex and productive tropical shallow marine ecosystems. Coral reefs also, in this case, are ecosystems that are susceptible to a change in the environment, but the pressure they experience can increasingly increase along with the increase in population and activities in the community in coastal areas. Therefore, countries that have the potential of high marine ecosystems begin to increase marine ecosystem conservation activities. One way is to introduce the contents of the marine ecosystem to people who have not really understood it. The introduction of marine ecosystems is expected to be able to realize the importance of preserving the marine environment. Australia became one of the continents that began to increase this activity. The introduction of marine ecosystems can be done in various ways, including touring with a swim with whale sharks. This tour does not mean to disturb the life of whale sharks, but it can be used as a way to introduce what should be done with whale sharks.

Coral reefs are one of the marine ecosystems that must be maintained. Australia has a variety of beautiful coral reefs. But because of human selfishness, the coral reefs began to suffer damage. Even though caring for the life of coral reefs is very important. In this article, we will explain the importance of caring for coral reefs at sea:

– To protect coastal ecosystems
Coral reefs will hold and break the wave energy which prevents abrasion and damage around it. Physically, coral reefs function as protective shores from erosion and abrasion, hard coral structures can withstand waves and currents which reduce coastal abrasion and prevent damage to other coastal ecosystems such as seagrasses and mangroves.

– Source of Medicines
In many coral reefs, there are many chemicals that are thought to be drugs for humans, at this time a lot of research on these chemicals to be used to treat various humans.

– Tourist attraction
Good coral reefs will attract tourists who provide alternative income for the surrounding community, estimated at around 20 million divers, diving and enjoying coral reefs per year.