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Rafting Tips For Beginners

Rafting Tips For Beginners

For the participants of white water Rafting bali, it is still dominated by foreign tourists, especially Australian tourists. Bali rafting has become excellent among foreign tourists and they always want to repeat to try, then what about domestic tourists? Every year the participants of Bali rafting activities for Indonesian tourists are increasing. Many people hesitate to do white water rafting in Bali because they feel unable to swim or are afraid of being swept away by the river. Then the question becomes, whether to be able to participate in rafting activities in Bali, must be able to swim?

The answer does not have to be able to swim to be able to participate in rafting in Bali. In fact, many Bali rafting participants cannot swim but continue to participate in Bali rafting water sports activities. Of course, the risk of rafting activities still exists, like the risk of riding a motorcycle on the highway. But if you only think about the risk of rafting, of course, you will never be able to enjoy the excitement of Bali rafting activities.

To minimize the risk of rafting activities, therefore rafting tips for beginners on this page you must know before trying rafting activities.

1. Choose the River in Bali according to your criteria
There are three rivers for white water rafting in Bali, including:

Ayung River Ubud.
Telaga Waja Karangasem River.
Klangung Melangit River.

Of the three rivers for rafting activities above, there are two rivers that are excellent for rafting in Bali. Namely the Ayung river Ubud, and Telaga Waja Karangasem river. Then which river should be chosen for rafting locations on the island of Bali?

2. Best Rafting Operators for Beginner Participants
In addition to the choice of river rafting in Bali, there is also a choice of rafting provider operators. In each river, there are many choices of rafting provider operators, from low prices to high prices. Since you are a beginner in Bali rafting activities, then I’m sure your first priority is feeling safe and comfortable when rafting.