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Is it Possible for Humans to Travel into The outer Space?

Is it Possible for Humans to Travel into The outer Space?

The outer space which contains so many stars and planets has teased our curiosity as humans since the ancient times. We are always wondering, what might we find out there, are there any other types of life forms on another planet just like us, are they friendly, are there so many rich minerals like golds and diamonds that we can find easily on a random planet out there? and much more questions like that. Today, we can see quite obviously that our technology isn’t quite there yet to take us to the Mars. Getting the unmanned space ships to get there is one thing, and transporting the living astronauts to go there can bring a lot more problems than we think.

Even simply launching a communication satellite costs a company multi millions or maybe even billion of dollars. You can expect that so many things that must be funded by a company or even a country send a ship or a satellite to reach the outer space, just outside our orbit. The tech, the fuel, the manpower, all of these factors require money to be available and going to another planet or even another galaxy requires, even more, money than simply launching a satellite to the outside of our orbit.

Maybe, just maybe that all we need is just another technological “BOOM” that will make every single scientist on the planet realize, “Oh, we just need “this” and “that” to make the efficient space ship and its fuel.” However, it takes a miracle for that kind of thing to happen, just like the time when a Chinese alchemist has found the black power (which is now the gun powder) accidentally back in the days. Humanity can always hope to find another planet out there that can sustain life for a new colony to live on, especially we are all now knowing that this planet is actually dying. We, as the whole species only have two choices. We either save the planet with our fast actions, or creating space ships that can transport us to another galaxy with better planets for us to live, and those ships themselves must be able to sustain life as well.