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Obese People Are More Vulnerable To COVID-19

Obese People Are More Vulnerable To COVID-19

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease has infected more than 2.1 million people in the world. This virus can affect anyone, in all age categories, gender, and all walks of life. Although everyone can get it, there are some people who are considered to have vulnerability when exposed to the coronavirus. The US Center for Disease Prevention and Management (CDC) has issued a list of groups at high risk when exposed to Covid-19. Those in the vulnerable group include the elderly, people with immune disorders, and people with obesity or being overweight. Therefore, if you want to reduce your weight, you need to exercise more often and eat healthy foods. Additionally, you may also read Resurge reviews 2020 to find the right weight-loss supplement for yourself.

Professor Jean-Fran├žois Delfraissy who heads the scientific council advising the French Government about the coronavirus epidemic said 17 million 67 million French citizens were seriously at risk from the coronavirus due to age, pre-existing disease or obesity.

Delfraissy stated that coronavirus is terrible, can attack young people, especially young people who are fat. Those who are overweight really need to be careful, Delfraissy told Franceinfo radio. That is why we are worried about our friends in America, where the problem of obesity is known and where they may have the biggest problem because of obesity.

Delfraissy said 88 percent of those infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus only suffered from severe flu-like symptoms. In addition, the mortality rate for young people entering hospitals with severe Covid-19 respiratory disease is around 2 percent, but it increases to 14 percent for more fragile people.

Compared to people of normal weight, people who are overweight and obese have a higher risk of developing severe pneumonia. The CDC even specifically mentions that those who have a body mass index (BMI) of more than 40 have a more dangerous risk than those who show an ideal BMI. BMI is a number that becomes a standard assessment to determine a person’s weight classified as normal, underweight, excessive, or obese.

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