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Myths of VPS Hosting

Myths of VPS Hosting

For your information, many people have the misunderstanding about VPS hosting, especially those who aren’t familiar with hosting types. Influenced by writings that use the language of marketing rather than technical language. So the layman thinks that VPS is exactly the same as the dedicated server. In the end, there will be an argument between the user and the vps web hosting provider.

1. VPS has dedicated resources
2. Not possible to be disturbed by other VPS users in one server
3. Certain types of VPS can’t be overselling

In a VPS there are many aspects that determine its performance. Not only seen from the specification or resources allocated. The VPS population within a node that hosts it will also affect the performance of each VPS. From here you can know that VPS is not 100% of the dedicated server. Basically, a VPS has the same part as a physical server. These parts are CPU (processor), RAM (memory), Hardisk (storage space), and Ethernet Port (related to bandwidth and throughput). By using virtualization methods, a physical server that has a large resource can be divided into virtual servers with resources that can be arranged in such a way. Performance of a CPU can be divided equally to each VPS by allocating 1 core for each VPS. Thus each other gets identical CPU performance.

RAM memory can also be easily shared, that is based on its capacity. You can allocate a small portion of the process to the host node. 1/0 in RAM memory has a very large speed at all, this we can ignore. Storage space in the form of hard drive or SSD can also be easily divided by capacity. VPS is still included in the category of hosting with shared resources. So it is more appropriate if termed as semi-dedicated hosting. The statement that VPS has full dedicated resources is the wrong thing.