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Mistakes in Using Hair Mask

Mistakes in Using Hair Mask

In addition to shampooing and using conditioner, we also need to use a hair mask to provide additional nutrition. The problem is, many of us still make mistakes when using hair masks, which ultimately don’t maximize the use of hair masks. For that, if you want to do a hair mask, you can visit hair salons near me open now.

– Do not wash before using a hair mask
Many people are not aware of the importance of shampooing before applying a hair mask. With shampooing, we remove dirt and dust that sticks in our hair. If the hair is clean, the nutrition in the hair mask can be absorbed perfectly.

– Starting from the top of the hair
The most fatal mistake is that we start from the scalp to the ends of the hair. In this way, we can’t make sure the hair mask is really about our hair. The right way is to start from the back of our neck, regarding the most vulnerable kid’s hair. After that to the end of the hair and slowly to the root of the hair.

– No combing hair
Although it has started from the tip to the root, there is still no guarantee that a hair mask can hit every strand of our hair. For that, we need to comb our hair using a wide-toothed comb.

– Forgot to wrap your hair in a hot towel
So that nutrients are more easily absorbed, we need heat assistance, girls. That’s why it’s better to cover our hair with a hot towel while we use a hair mask. This hot condition will make it easier for our hair to absorb nutrients from the hair mask. We can let the hair mask sink in for 30-45 minutes, even overnight, depending on the hair mask we use.

– Not clean when rinsing hair mask
After leaving the hair mask for a long time, the next step is to rinse it properly. Unfortunately, there are still many of us who come out of the bathroom, even though the hair is still slippery because of the hair masks. Make sure to rinse our hair until it becomes soft, not slippery. Hair mask residue left on the scalp and hair can cause dandruff to hair that is not voluminous.