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Melody Of Harpist

Melody Of Harpist

Harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. The person who plays the harp is called the harpist. In general, the harp has a triangle shape and gold. Harp has three main parts namely soundboard, neck and string. With a variety of strings or strings ranging from 22 to 47 strings. Harps are usually played in the orchestra or can be played singly as well.

During its development, Harp had many revolutions. For example, at the beginning of 1500 BC, the harp strings or strings were made from hair or plant fibres that were attached to his side. In contrast to today that has used animal intestine or Nylon and for smaller sizes coated by wire.

The history and understanding of the Harp instrument is information that can provide a detailed knowledge of the Harp. From the past until now the harp civilization is growing rapidly, so is the design or shape, colourful and varied. To buy a harp is also very easy, many places or shops that provide this type of instrument. So, it will be easier for you, if someday you want to own and play this harp music instrument. Being able to play the harp is certainly very fun. In addition to this musical instrument which has a very high artistic value, the harp also has its characteristics for the players.

In this day and age, harp shows can be used to fill various events, such as conferences, weddings, official government events, even birthdays, and others. What is unique about the Harp is that the harpist are always associated with angels so that some call the harp as a musical instrument from heaven. On the other hand, the sound of the passage is also very beautiful from each harp string. This is why harpist usually invited in every event.