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Make Your Condominium Room Wider With These Three Ways

Make Your Condominium Room Wider With These Three Ways

A condo has restrictions that you must accept. Starting from the area of the room that is not large to other things that you must always pay attention to. So, all you have to pay attention to from the start is choosing a condominium that is comfortable and can make you stay there for a long time, one that you can choose is Midtown Bay condo.

In addition to the Midtown Bay comfort that you must pay attention to, there are a number of other things that you must consider. Starting from arranging the room to creating condos that feel wider. There are a number of tips that you can use so that the condo you have looks more spacious and comfortable. Some of the tips in question are

1. Create a workspace in your room
In order to make use of the space in your condo, you can collaborate with your bedroom with the workspace. As shown in the picture, you can take advantage of one corner of the room in your bedroom as a workspace.

2. Eliminate partitions between rooms
Arrangement without partitions is a smart idea that you can do to give a spacious impression in your condo.

3. Utilizing a lot of storage
Make sure you have plenty of storage space in your Midtown Bay condo, so you can store your various needs in it. But remember, in arranging the storage media, you need to put it in one corner of the room so that your tiny condo doesn’t look messy by that need.

4. Install a Large Mirror
Another effective way to make the room look twice as big is to install a large glass on one side of the room. If your budget is limited, no need to buy a large mirror. Use some hexagonal or hexagon mirror and stick it on the wall.