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Maintaining the vehicle wraps properly

Maintaining the vehicle wraps properly

For vehicles that have been coated wrapping sticker chrome treatment is also the same as shiny colors. Simply wash the usual and then given a wax. One thing to note that vehicles that have been using wrapping sticker chrome ie car or motorcycle should not be too often parked in direct sunlight. In the meantime, you might want to check out the recommended Oracal car wrap as well.

As much as possible select parking in the building or in the room because the chrome sticker is not overlaid UV protection material that can change color if too long exposed to sunlight. Experts also suggest that car or motor wash techniques that have been wrapped with wrapping stickers should not be sprayed with high-pressure water.

For wide-section parts such as doors, or hood is okay but when in certain parts such as the sidelines of the door, bumper or any other corners where the sticker is not too sticky, spraying water that is too tight keep the sticker off the surface of the body.

If these treatment techniques are done correctly, then according to experts, a wrapping sticker can last up to 2-3 years. “Actually, sticker manufacturers recommended for up to 5 years but we recommend 2-3 years have been re-coated,” he said.

Age of the use according to experts is still easy to be removed from the vehicle body because the glue on the sticker has not hardened. If there is any remaining glue attached to the body after the release of wrapping sticker then simply cleaned with eucalyptus oil or alcohol. “If the rest of the glue a lot we usually use a special spray cleaner sticker

or use a little kerosene dipped in a clean cloth and then smeared on only the remaining part of the sticker. After the remaining sticker glue is removed immediately wiped off and then the car or motor is clean.