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Knowing Bag Materials

Knowing Bag Materials

As a bag-lovers, you definitely have a favorite bag model. Some may prefer handbag, some other sling bag, or for you who do not like hassle will definitely choose a backpack. In addition to having a diverse model, the bag is also made of various materials tailored to the needs of each bag. For example, a branded bag from Hermes will have genuine leather, not using synthetic leather. The original skin is made of crocodile skin, some are made of lambskin. To get the best quality bag, you can visit Blaxton Bags.

The basic ingredients of making bags are also tailored to the needs. For example, bags that will carry items that are lightweight materials will not be as thick as a backpack or luggage. The following are some of the ingredients used for making bags:

– Leather
The first raw material is the skin of various animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, buffalo and even from wild animals such as snakes and crocodiles. The better the leather used to eat will be the more expensive the price of bags produced. Usually, for premium brands such as the collection of Louis Vuitton or Hermes will choose the skin of snakes or crocodiles as raw materials. No wonder then the price of each bag is very expensive. Bags made of identical leather look rigid, but some brands develop their technology so that although made of leather, the bag they produce feels light, like Balenciaga.

– Polyester

After leather, there is also a polyester that is used to make bags. For the type of polyester is usually used to make backpacks, laptop bags and some other types of carrying case with a lot of capacity. The material is thick, so the reason why polyester is selected as a bag material. In addition to its thickness, polyester is also more resistant to various bacteria, water resistant and not easily tangled or stretched. Not only that, other advantages of this material are is resistance on chemical dry cleaning process and an organic solvent. But despite many advantages, polyester has a weakness cannot absorb sweat so it feels hot when used in hot and combustible weather because it is made of polymer material.