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Know the Origin of Your Ordinary Board Games Play Here

Know the Origin of Your Ordinary Board Games Play Here

Everyone would agree that board games are fun games and can also hone brain development and accuracy. Because, this game has been played by many people in the world. Besides being played by adults, there are also many board games that can be played by children. If you want to get the board game you want, then in board games australia you can get it.

Apparently, there are some famous board games from several countries. Some of the board games referred to here are

1. America
Originally from America and has been around since 1903, the game has also been very popular in the world. Not only played by children, even adults like this game. This monopoly game is played by at least 2 people. Monopoly teaches its players how to build a good and right economy. If one player has run out of funds or is bankrupt, then the player is declared defeated. Players who make it out as winners are players with the most amount of money.

2. Korea
The popular Korean board game called Yut Nori or in Korean is known as cheok-sa ??or sa-hee. This yut nori game is usually played most often during the new year in Korea. Unlike board games in general, yut nori is also sometimes used to determine one’s fate. Played by 2 or more teams, the game will start after one team has thrown the stick. Players are only allowed to move according to the value that appears from the stick. If the stick thrown is facing upwards the value will be greater.

3. France
This French game called jeux des quatres cheveaux is also played in Quebec but with a different name, Tuck. Played by 4 people, this game requires players to throw a dice to determine how many steps they can do. The winner is determined if the player manages to collect all horse pawns back home.