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Know More About Tower Crane

Know More About Tower Crane

Tower crane is a tool used to lift material vertically and horizontally to a high place in limited motion space. This type of crane is divided based on the way the crane stands, which is a free-standing crane, a crane mounted on a rail (rail mounted crane), a crane that is tethered to a building (tied-in tower crane) and a climbing crane. You can visit didakt website to get a tower ctane.

The selection of tower cranes as a tool for moving material is based on the condition of the field that is not wide, the height that is not reached by other tools. And there is no need for tool movement. The choice of the type of crane to be used must consider the project situation, the shape of the building structure, the ease of operational both during installation and during demolition. Whereas the choice of tower crane capacity is based on weight, dimensions, and range at the heaviest load, the maximum height of the tool, projected tool assembly, the weight of the equipment to be retained by the structure, the space available for the tool and the speed of the tool to move material.

The capacity of the tower crane depends on several factors. Noteworthy is that if the material transported by the crane exceeds its capacity, somersault will occur. therefore, the weight of the material transported should be as follows:

1. For crawler wheeled machines it is 75% of tool capacity.
2. For rubber tire wheeled machines, it is 85% of tool capacity.
3. For machines that have feet are 85% of the capacity of the tool.

External factors that must be considered in determining the capacity of the tool are.

1. The power of the wind on the tool.
2. Swing the load when moved.
3. Material transfer speed.
4. Braking the engine in its movement.