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In Order Not to Mistakenly Choose a Car, This is the Difference Between SUVs and MPVs

In Order Not to Mistakenly Choose a Car, This is the Difference Between SUVs and MPVs

The existence of SUVs is now increasing, including in London. Even range rover hire now has more interest. Why? Because more and more people want to feel driving a luxury car even though they can’t have it. Unfortunately, there are still some people who don’t know how to differentiate between SUVs and MPVs. Especially if you drive a compact SUV, it might be considered driving an MPV car. Here are 3 differences between SUVs and MPVs:

Machine Capacity
Another thing that is a significant difference between an SUV and MPV is the engine used. In SUVs that are used to drive off road, it definitely requires a machine with a large capacity. The average SUV is equipped with a machine that has a capacity of over 1500 cc. As for the MPV car itself, most are equipped with engines with a capacity of under 1500 cc.

Car Weight
Because it is designed to be tough on a variety of off-road and on-road roads so that the weight of the SUV becomes heavier. In fact, almost all SUVs are heavier when compared to MPV cars. The average difference in weight can reach 0.5 tons to 1 ton. So for those of you who are voters of SUVs, it is very important to pay attention to the load index. For MPV cars themselves, it does have a lightweight so that it can be easily driven on the streets. This lightweight is also often associated with lightweight manufacturing materials.

Car Body
In accordance with its purpose, an SUV is indeed intended to pass through difficult terrain. So the making of an SUV uses a body on frame structure or a positioned car body above the chassis. This method is indeed done so that the car can easily cross the road that is off road even if it is like land with rocks and rocks. The existence of this chassis does make the structure of the car become stronger and not easy to change shape. While the MPV is designed higher and wider so that the car cabin becomes wider.