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Important things you need to know before recruiting employees

Important things you need to know before recruiting employees

Recruiting the employees for a company is a big responsibility. So you can expect that the HRD must know the things that will help him or her to make sure the quality of the new recruits, so the company will be able to grow into the better one in business. Meanwhile, you can also call the outsourcing service call center if you’re looking for the high-quality recruits for your e-commerce.

Note the employee’s domicile

Hire employees who live close to your place of business, do not you just busy thinking about where employees live at a later date or even ask to ride at your home and invite friends to come live. This will make you uncomfortable and increase your operational costs.

Do not accept employees because of pity

This is business, not charity. You’re doing business not being charitable in a social home. Do not be sentimental in your efforts to eliminate your professional attitude. Do not for one reason your family then recruit someone regardless of its performance. Pity will only make you lose the objectivity to evaluate it and cause trouble when you want to stop it.

Understand and follow applicable labor laws

Do not let your business backfire because you are not running your business not in accordance with applicable law. Pay attention to the rights of your employees that have been protected by law such as the right to leave, give birth, breastfeed, resting rights and so you do not deal with the law.

Learn the basics of HR management

Studying the basics of HR management will help you manage your human resources, know how to motivate, improve its performance, provide compensation and incentives and other things that will be useful for your company’s future.

Publish your job vacancy

Notice in what media will publish your vacancy, use the most efficient media to get to prospective applicants. You do not have to use paid media to publish your vacancy. You can use online forums to do this.

Write ads in good language

Use standard language for your workforce needs to be tempered by applicants who read your job description, explain also the salary and incentives you will give to attract applicants.


Do not be too flexible in recruiting until you become objective. Use strict instructions to gain respect from employees. That way you will be easy in providing further work instructions.

Establish good communication

Treat your employees like humans who sometimes experience performance degradation while having problems, listen to their complaints and help in finding solutions. With such a sense of kinship in the company can grow so as to create a comfortable working atmosphere.