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How to Prevent the Danger of the Household Cleaning Products

How to Prevent the Danger of the Household Cleaning Products

Soap, fabric softener and air freshener are products that we use every day to keep the house clean. Apparently, these products save a hidden danger to health. The reason is that some cleaning products on the market contain hazardous chemicals. If exposed directly every day, it can result in respiratory problems and even kidney damage. Find out about any harmful ingredients in household cleaning products and find other safer solutions. Now, you can go to find h2o at home reviews to get to know such h2o product and how it works for you.

How often do you use air freshener & dish soap? One of the hazardous substances contained in these products is Phthalates. Phthalates are commonly found in fragrant household products, such as air freshener, dish soap or perfume. Manufacturers usually do not include ‘phthalates’ on the packaging, but if you see the word ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ in the list of substances, it is very likely that the product contains phthalates.

These chemicals can interfere with the performance of the endocrine glands. According to findings from researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the Harvard School of Public Health, men with high concentrations of phthalates in their blood, the number of sperm decreased. Phthalates also have the chance to trigger migraines and asthma. Even if these substances commonly enter the body through breathing, they could also damage the skin. The important thing that many people didn’t know but need to know is that phthalates which are exposed through the skin can be absorbed and affect internal organs.

If possible, choose products that are fragrance-free or contain organic and natural ingredients. For air freshener, you should avoid products containing aerosols. Replace with essential aromatherapy oil or simply open your home window every morning so that fresh air can enter. Also place some plants inside and outside the house, because plants are natural toxins.