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How to buy a reliable electric treadmill

How to buy a reliable electric treadmill

The electric treadmill is a running exercise equipment in place by using a machine. Someone on it, the carpets move by themselves is driven by a motor. Electric treadmills are now more trend than manual treadmills. Where speed can be set and made the exercise with a speed that can be set automatically. Meanwhile, you can check out sport life adviser to find a lot of reviews regarding the exercise equipment.

We will present you the guide to choosing electric Treadmill:

1.pilih who has a minimum of 1 hp motor, do not choose electric treadmill under 1 hp. 1 hp is good for sustaining our weight, providing maximum and durable speed. Choosing an electric treadmill with a motor less than 1 hp will be quickly damaged, quickly hot, and does not provide maximum speed.

2. Do not be influenced by the electric treadmill price in determining the choice. Some people might even say that the treadmill must be manufactured from country A and not from country B. However, it’s actually not a big deal at all. Whether the cheap or expensive price is not a considerable option, but the service and warranty. Ask the seller about the treadmill service and the electric treadmill warranty after purchase

3. Choose an electric treadmill equipped with a monitor to monitor heart rate, speed, calories, travel time, length of exercise and speed settings, automatic exercise settings. Better yet if there are additional features of automatic incline and mp3

4.The state of origin of electric treadmill manufacture doesn’t matter. Whether it’s from Spain, China, Europe, Africa, Taiwan does not matter. The important once again ease service, warranty and warranty claims

5. Try to buy an electric treadmill buy a stabilizer for your electric treadmill motor durable

To make it easier for you to choose and find the licensed and certified brands of the electric treadmill Fitness Tool, which provides an electric treadmill of 1hp; 1.5hp; 2hp; 2,5hp and 3 hp with good motor quality, ease of service and of course warranty.