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How Computer Virus Spreads

How Computer Virus Spreads

Computer viruses can generally damage systems and software, not directly damage hardware. But if this is left unchecked, it is not impossible that the virus will damage the hardware because the computer is experiencing repetitive process errors resulting in an overload process on one of the hardware. Aside from that, don’t forget the install the recommended Superior antivirus if you want the best protection for your PC against viruses.

How to spread computer viruses
There are several ways a virus can spread and infect a computer, including:

Illegal Software

There are so many that offer illegal software, that is, software that has been modified in such a way that what had to be paid can be used free of charge. Usually, people make these modifications to insert rows of malicious programs in the illegal software. So when we install it automatically the virus program attaches to our computer.


The site or website can also be used as a medium for spreading viruses. When we open a site that has a malicious program in it, then we realize that the virus attaches to the cache stored in the browser directory which eventually spreads and multiplies itself on our computer.

Network Files

Viruses can also spread through computer networks. If one of the computers in the network is infected with a virus, then when we access the computer it is very likely that the virus will enter our computer through the transferred files.

Download File

As with the spread of viruses through a website or website, viruses can also infect their targets through files that have been decoded. The downloaded file is what might have contracted the virus and when we open it the virus multiplies and runs the process on our computer.

Attachment file in Email

File attachments on e-mail become the easiest media for the spread of viruses. The way the spread works is the same as the spread when downloading files.

Disk Exchange

The most vulnerable and frequent spread of the virus is through storage media such as hard drives, microSD or Flashdisk.