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Here Are Some Manual Keys Chosen By Many People

Here Are Some Manual Keys Chosen By Many People

House door locks have many types and shapes. Many people choose home keys based on their shape or type. Unfortunately, not many people can install it alone. So, the services of a locksmith are what you need when you can’t install your own home.

There are several manual door locks chosen by many people. Everyone chooses their home door locks based on their needs. These are some of the manual door locks chosen by many people.

Mortise Lock Knob
The key to this house has a unique design because it has a different plate shape between the outside and the inside. There is a key that can be used by pressing the lever above the doorknob, this is on the outside. Meanwhile, the inside is not equipped with a keyhole because the door can be automatically removed when you turn the door knob. You can use this type of door knock because the security is quite high.

Medium Duty Tubular Lever
The key to this one house has the same lever handle on the outside and inside. However, the key to this house also has a difference, the difference is that there is a hole in the key in the outside. The inside of this key has a rotary knob that functions to lock the door. This type of lock is perfect if you use it in a bedroom or room that requires a special level of security, especially if your room has lots of jewelry and important documents.

These two types are the types used by many people. Although some people choose the type of key according to their needs, these two types are the types most often used by many people. You can choose these two types so you can choose the right door lock for your home.