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Here Are Five Tips for Choosing Dolls You Need to Know

Here Are Five Tips for Choosing Dolls You Need to Know

Children’s toys have become things that must be considered and well chosen. One of the toys that are always in each child’s room is a doll. Many parents don’t know where is the best place to choose and buy dolls. In fact, you can buy it at souvenir wholesale. In fact, not only dolls but there are also many souvenirs that can be used as gifts.

In choosing a doll, there are some tips that you should use to get the right doll and in accordance with the wishes of the children. Some of the tips in question are

1. Material
The first thing you have to pay attention to is doll material. Whether it is made of cotton or plastic, whether it is dangerous or not, it gets to the part of the doll that is easily separated. Like buttons, hair, or other accessories.

2. Does not use battery power
Second, Mama can choose dolls that don’t use battery power. This is useful to stimulate the child’s imagination when ‘turning on’ the figure of the puppet when played.

3. Recommend with diversity
Mama can choose dolls of different sexes, men and women. Mama can also introduce a variety of animals, by buying not only one kind of doll, for example buying elephant dolls and cats. With that, your child will slowly recognize diversity from an early age.

4. Childhood personality
There are three large types of dolls, namely baby-shaped dolls, Barbie-type dolls or also often called fashion dolls, and dolls designed to resemble children. If you are confused about choosing between the three types of dolls, look at your child’s personality.

5. Choose dolls that have the same size as children
Besides the material, the size of the doll is also worth considering by parents when they want to give toys to their children. The size of a doll that is too large will make it difficult for your child to play it. In fact, your child may be afraid of the doll. The size of the doll that is right for your child is a maximum of three-quarters of the size of a child.